Kara Premium RE is an exclusive integrated services company, with a wide range of activities in its portfolio. One of these activities is the supervision of works in the construction of luxury properties. The objective is to provide the client with an integral service that covers the different phases of the construction process, and that goes from the conception and design of the project to its completion and turnkey delivery, to the full satisfaction of the client.

Kara Premium RE understands construction management and supervision from different perspectives:

  • As personalized attention and right hand of the client defending their interests.
  • As the only valid means of contact in the entire construction process integrated by the architect, engineers, construction specialists, construction supervisors, kitchen design, landscape designers, decorators, etc.


  • Solvency and multidisciplinarity.
  • Rigor and independence.
  • Prestige and experience.
  • Size and situation.
  • Technological innovation.

Kara Premium RE offers the client a professional team that guarantees precise control over each stage of the construction process. The team is made up of designers, builders and how many other participants the project requires in order to ensure that the objectives set by the client are met.

The FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE of Kara Premium Real Estate is to ensure that the project is completed IN TIME and under the AGREED BUDGET, as initially conceived by the owner, and possess the initially determined QUALITY. The highly qualified services allow to coordinate in a rigorous and completely reliable way the different teams involved in each phase of the project development (planning, management, design and licenses) and the contracting and management of construction works, saving costs and reducing common risks and problems of construction.

A wide range of services offered by Kara Premium RE in investment and construction projects includes:

  • Monitoring and careful selection of plots for the client.
  • Manage technical work by executing a complete set of architectural documentation, planning and permits issued by municipal authorities.
  • Organization of project and landscape design development; architectural process management and engineering design.

Integrated project management during the construction phase, including: the tender for the general contractor and / or the general designer, the acquisition of specialized contractors and the conclusion of the relevant contracts; performing the technical and operational supervision of the construction.

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